fredag 2 juni 2006

Fiskars 2006

KarisI'll be writing more about local things.
  • It's a long hot summer of great design and craft at Fiskars in Southeastern Finland

  • Det blir en lång och vacker design och craft sommar i Fiskars år 2006, välkommen!

  • Odotamme pitkää ja lämmintä intiaanikesää Fiskarsiin, tervetuloa!
This blog started with another name. I changed it to helgekeitel to get a personal voice.

I'll blogging about topics like China, Santa Claus, Design, Craft, Arts, Web 2.0, Social Media, Networking, Web personalties, Mobile messaging, microblogging, citizen journalism, EU, US, global warming, and I'll be interviewing interesting people in the cyberspace.

This blog is my most personal message to the world. Smile. Thinking big but starting small.

I'll write in English. This is also a part of the Huliq project.

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