tisdag 30 oktober 2007

The Interview

They had given me a list with three names on it. I had scheduled interviews for later this afternoon. We talked about biotech, CRM and the future of the forestry industry.

Great things happen when different minds come together and talk. The role of IT and the new communication channels for our business is utterly clear.

- What is happening to our green gold companies? Papermachines are taken out of production, mills are closed, the price of Euro combined with high cost of raw-materials and increasing cost of energy is taking its toll.

The meeting was recorded. We planned to make a podcast of the discussions.

- The situation is complex. There are is no single solution, She said with enthusiasm in her voice.

- This is going to be a big thing, do you agree? I asked.

- We have six hundred persons involved. It's a big network. You're right, this will result in something big.

I'll write more about this tomorrow...

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