måndag 29 oktober 2007

Jeff Pulver - Podcamp Boston

Helge: I was looking at the pictures from the Podcamp Boston published by Jeff Pulver on Facebook. We're also Twitter friends. It's fun to watch what virtual friends (real people) are doing in the cyber space.

Jeff Pulver is the chairman and founder of pulver.com, and one of the true pioneers of the VoIP industry and a leader in the emerging TV on the Net industry. Mr. Pulver is a globally renowned thought leader, author and entrepreneur.

WSJ writes, "Mr. Pulver, 43, is anything but an ordinary businessman. He eschews standard corporate attire in favor of Hawaiian shirts and sandals. A stroll through his Melville, N.Y., office -- which is the antithesis of all things corporate -- leaves the impression he is a music magnate or poker champion rather than an IT administrator-turned-telecom whiz."

He is the publisher of The Pulver Report and VON Magazine and creator of the industry standard Voice on the Net (VON) events, where all sectors of IP communications come together to discuss, debate, and advance the industry.

Additionally, Mr. Pulver is the founder of pulvermedia, FWD, the VON Coalition, Network2, Vivox and is the co-founder of Abbey Corps and VoIP provider Vonage.

PodCamp Boston 2 is still accepting sponsorships at all levels. Sponsorship information is available at http://www.podcampboston.org/sponsor.

PodCamp was founded by Christopher Penn and Chris Brogan and is run by a dedicated group of volunteers from across the New Media community.

Now, Jeff Pulver is on to the next big thing: Internet video. And he is trying to ensure he doesn't get left out again.

Mr. Pulver is creating his own Internet TV show, which he is modeling on Rocketboom, a popular Internet video-blog that broadcasts a three-minute news show daily.

He is considering launching a broader Internet TV subsidiary and is weighing whether to invest in several emerging Internet video companies, though he won't name them.

Someday he wants to start an Internet reality TV show. This is blogTV http://www.blogtv.com/

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