söndag 28 oktober 2007

My Cell Phone Syle?

TechCrunch didn't like the idea of this page. Posted: 27 Oct 2007 02:06 AM CDT. "I’m pretty sure there are some consultants out there who are telling big, clueless companies that the way to engage with their audience is to engage with them on an interactive, emotional level. I imagine them saying “let’s bolt a few social features onto the product and engage with the MySpace generation.” Those consultants convinced Sprint to launch possibly the dumbest website I’ve seen all year: users fill out a survey and are told which cell phone fits their lifestyle the best."

I've to go through my personality. I try to figure out what kind of personality I am. Maybe there isn't a better to learn about what kind of cellphones I should be buying in the future.

A new style of corporate blogging is emerging. Companies are trying to learn about social media and the MySpace generation. I'll write my comments later.

What’s your cell style?

You’ve got style. Everything about you — where you spend your time, what you do for fun, the clothes you wear, and even what you eat — makes a statement about who you are and how you approach life. It only makes sense that your cell phone says something about you too.

The kind of phone you have may say a lot about you, but that’s only the beginning. The mobile applications you use and the ringtones and calltones you download can also play a role in enhancing your style and showing your personality. This 10 question quiz is designed to help you discover what your true cell style is.

More information at MY CELL STYLE

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