måndag 29 oktober 2007

The future of journalism

tippingeurope : A copywriter or a journalist ?: "The interesting point here is that where before the political parties could rely on the news media to channel their policymaking and communication objectively to the potential voters on the other end of the tube, they can'€™t anymore.
  • They have to use several channels
Now it'€™s like playing the game called Phone -€“each person that passes the message along gives it a new subjective spin.
  • I guess, "Laiva on lastattu," In Finnish.
The political parties not only need to make their message rise above the other actors'€™ messages, but they also need to fight against the channel itself.

According to Esa-Pekka the rules of the game have changed, so the political communication needs to change as well.
  • We all have to change.
Where the other participants in the game use entertainment media, marketing communication and social media (online communities, blogs etc.) in addition to the normal news media to push their message through, political parties have no option but to follow suit.
  • Sounds natural
  • The same applies for business people, corporations, enterprises, companies
Does this mean that when in Rome, play with the voters'€™ feelings by using the same dirty marketing tricks as the Romans do?
  • The ideologies are out and we've to think in terms of images
  • What are the perceptions of the voters
To make a point, perhaps, but to put it differently: You cannot serve the public if the public cannot hear what you'€™re saying or gets someone else's version of it."

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