söndag 28 oktober 2007

Treo Tested me as Technosexual

Seeing is believing. The Treo Test did give me this answer. TechCrunch didn't like the service. I don't mind. Does their test work as a good marketing tool? I've no idea. Treo isn't big in Finland and I wouldn't select a phone by a test like this.

I spent a few minutes on the site but didn't read the stuff. I just quickly cliqued my way through the questions that don't have much relevance for my life (US centric questions). I think a personal blog has more value. But marketers are trying to embrace the new social media and the MySpace generation. But here is the answer:

The Technosexual

Although you would never say so yourself, you are the epitome of style and sophistication, and you’re just about as tech savvy as they come. The latest and greatest technology enhances your impeccable style, and your friends count on you to keep them updated on the hottest new gadgets and trends. You spend your free time at all the coolest places, and you’ve got a keen sense of fashion style.

As a technosexual, you need a cell phone with both looks and smarts. Show off your chic hip side with a blue Sprint Power VisionSM Smart Device Treo™ 755p by Palm or a MOTO Q™ by Motorola®. Maxim To Go, Sprint TV Premier and Fast Flirting applications help keep you in touch with the latest trends in the fashion world and the newest gadgets in the technology zone. You can Party Like A Rock Star with the Shop Boyz or other top popular artists with their ring and call tones.

Helge: The coolest place in Loviisa is our office. I have no connection to above gadgets.

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