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Utterz - About Us

Utterz is a new service. I got the information through Facebook. People to people communication is spreading the word about new start-ups and service. I never heard about Utterz before

Dayngr Zone (Miami, FL) wrote on my Facebook
Dayngrat 9:11am | Hello! I am heading to bed now 3 AM est. I hope all is well your way as it is here. We're doing well on the campaign. Thanks again for blogging it! We've raised about $385 online to help ship the holiday cards to the troops. Tomorrow (or later today rather) I will be back at work and productive. Talk to you then! Oh, check out Utterz.com too! I added it to my profile so now you can hear me AND read me. It would be great to hear you too! =)

What is Utterz?

Utterz is the first way you can instantly blog your experiences, thoughts and ideas, anywhere, using all the capabilities of your mobile phone. Utterz mashes together the voice, video, pictures, and text you call or send in and creates an 'Utter' that can immediately update your existing web pages on sites like Blogger, Facebook, LiveJournal, MySpace and more. [See FAQ how do I grab a widget, how do I use auto-posting and how do I embed my Utter?]

Helge: This means, I've to start podcasting. I was enthusiastic about podcasting for some times, but I've been too busy with my channel strategy. Promise, I'll get into it. I need to get a voice on the Internet.

Utterz is new for me. What do they say? Need to take a look. Maybe I should start using this service as well. I'll write about my experiences.

About Utterz!

We herd that you wanted to know a little about us, so take a moment to read up and meat us. If you ever want to chew the cud, email us any time!

Bessie Bessie (bessie@utterz.com) is the creative force behind Utterz and as an experienced product developer, she is outstanding in her field. She was also the inspiration behind Utterz – an already brisk Monday morning in the dairy, the new farmer’s frosty hands sent shivers through her sore, bloated udders. It was inhumane! Bessie being the leader she is, wanted to warn the herd before any more faced the same fate. Her computer was back in the stable with the rest of them but she remembered her cell! Bessie struggled to text her friends, but fat hoofed the message again and instead of “watch out – cold hands on the farmer” she sent out “LKJF akjdkjo djjal ekjafd.” It was an uncomfortable night for all, and as she stood awake, she thought “there must be a better way.” And so, Utterz was birthed.

Helge: I can see some great storytelling here. This is human. Humanization of mobile serivces isn't a bad idea after all.

Carl Carl, Bessie’s husband, was roped into helping her with Utterz from the very beginning. He left a lucrative career as a rodeo bull to help Bessie get the business off the ground. Before Utterz, Carl had never cut a line of code in his life – in fact, he spent most of his life trying to avoid BEING a cut. You can email him at carl@utterz.com.

Helge: Radio man gets into the coded world.

T-Bone Here’s our lead web developer, Tommy – everyone calls him “T-bone.” Watch out though, he tends toward the controversial. Last holiday party, he brought beef dip. He wears a brand on each cheek and is rumored to sport a nose ring on weekends. He checks email at t-bone@utterz.com.

Helge: Developer personality.

Bob Bob (bob@utterz.com) just joined the herd. He was the cream of his class at University of Wisconsin and is still an active member in BALI (Bovines Against Lactose Intolerance). Needless to say, T-bone’s Lactaid pills lying around the office kitchen have caused a bit of tension. If anyone knows a good shrink, we’d appreciate the referral! A cow in a cubicle is bad enough without all the stress…

Helge: New kid on the block.

Matthew Matthew – we call him “Mad Cow” – works the night shift (madcow@utterz.com). Matthew is an interesting character with a sick sense of humor. Let’s just say, be careful where you step in the morning around Matt (sorry, Matthew’s) cubicle…sicko.

Helge: Aren't we all a little mad?

More information to be found here: Utterz - About Us

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