onsdag 31 oktober 2007

The wisdom of the crowd

[19:34:57] Helge Keitel sanoo: Hello, I just want you to know that I'm building the channel. I will speak details tomorrow. This is the tool http://helgekeitel.blogspot.com/
[19:35:52] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: Hi Helge
[19:36:00] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: this is the channel for building the team?
[20:25:57] Helge Keitel sanoo: It's a start
[20:26:12] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: Hi Helge
[20:26:13] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: looks great
[20:26:21] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: let me talk to you in about 20 minutes or so
[20:26:22] Helge Keitel sanoo: Thanks
[20:26:24] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: I am on the phone now
[20:26:26] Helge Keitel sanoo: ok
[20:26:30] emaxhealth1973 sanoo: thank you so much

Hello, We've been working with the channel strategy. We're working for something great. There're big changes happaning in our societies. Energy, natural resources, technological developments are opening up new avenues.

Innovative people and companies are needed to embrace and to work through the solutions. Huliq can become a channel for a lot of people. We're on the right track. Let's continue to work on this theme.

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NCMan sa...

Thank you Helge,

Hello everyone my name is Armen and I am the publisher of HULIQ.com

It's very nice of Helge to help us in team building effort.

Our goal is to have a team of citizen journalists from four parts of the world, who would take pride in reporting the news, informing the public and changing things by providing a difference perspective, which is not bound by corporate interests.

Eventually HULIQ.com hopes to raise enough money to build a world class university in southern Armenia, which will serve as a shining light for spreading knowledge, education, peace and harmony throughout the region.

Stay tuned to hear more about this.