torsdag 1 november 2007

About Marimekko

Marimekko Corporation began in Finland in 1951. Its founders, Armi and Viljo Ratia, built the company on a strong desire to offer unique, long-lasting and beautiful products to post-war Finland.

Helge: Kirsi Pakkanen sold the company and the new CEO will take over February 1, 2007.

More than a brand name, Marimekko represents the desire for a modern lifestyle that is in harmony with the natural environment.

Helge: Yesterday Marimekko Announced a new CEO and owner of the company.

The brand began with a series of bright and bold textile designs that eventually grew into a small universe of products. Now the company features three extensive product lines: clothing, accessories and interior design items.

Helge: Japanese and Finnish designers made the first great designs.

Marimekko has a strong following all over the world with customers who feel a special connection with the brand’s products and lifestyle philosophy.

Helge: The new CEO promises to make Marimekko a global brand. It's still a Finnish and Scandinavian brand.

For more information on the Marimekko brand and company, visit our corporate site

Helge: I'll write more about Marimekko.

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