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About Leo Laporte the TWiT Journalist

Helge: I 'm listening to Leo Laporte show. Jason Calacanis is on the show. I've seen the man on Twitter but this is the first time I can match voice, blog, Twitter and the TWiT.tv.

About: "Hello! My name is Leo Laporte. I’m a technology journalist and broadcaster, traditional and Internet-based, and this is my blog.

Helge: The net is a learning environment... I hope it's right to use the About information to get into details. I know I'm decorating my blog with some of his content.

Leo LaporteI have a number of other sites including Leoville.com, my home page, TWiT.tv, my netcast site, and TechGuyLabs.com, my radio show site. I also maintain microblogs at Pownce and Jaiku.

Helge: It's funny to listen to people who don't have a face but a very well known voice. First time I connect Leo's various Internet presence identities. People can exist on the net as textual realities. A picture doesn't have a voice. Those who have webcasts on their shows might not be known for their writings.

Leo Loves LinuxI host a national radio technology talk show every Saturday and Sunday from 2–5p Eastern on the Premiere Radio Networks including XM Channel 152, and The Lab With Leo, a daily hour-long television show produced in Vancouver, BC and aired in Canada on G4TechTV, and Australia on the HOW-TO Channel.

Helge: They talk about Alibaba. What is Google and Yahoo doing in China? I know Calacanis, his voice, twits and his Mahaloo. There is a man on the show (Gerry) that speak about "if you are in the slave trade market"... referring to Google introducing Android and Open Social.

Leo Gives ThanksI also host and produce online technology shows including this WEEK in TECH, Security Now!, net@nite, The Daily Giz Wiz, Windows Weekly, MacBreak Weekly, and Jumping Monkeys under the TWiT.tv banner.

Helge: They talk about Fan sites and copyright issues.

I live in Northern California with my wife, Jennifer, my two teenagers, Abby and Henry, my little Papillon dog, Ozzy, and cats Dusty and Chester.

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For more information about how this site was made visit the Colophon."

Helge: Audible ad is aired by Jason Calacanis. This is the show I've been listening to:

November 12th, 2007

TWiT 121: Welcome to the Facebook Social

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Wil Harris, Jerry Pournelle, and Jason Calacanis

Google announces Android, Facebook introduces social ads, and dueling Asus EEEs....

Thanks to AOL Radio for the bandwidth for this show.

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