söndag 4 november 2007

Being one of the little people (figuratively speaking)

Helge: Learned about Being one of the little people (figuratively speaking) today from Twitter. Added her (saranicole) as a friend today.

Being one of the little people (figuratively speaking): "Utterly crazy month since I posted last. PodCamp Boston was a revelation to this newbie (I don’t feel as much a newbie anymore) as I now ‘get it’ about the power of networking via all these different vehicles.

Helge: I've been podcasting occasionally but would need to re-engineer and re-start podcasting to give a voice to my face.

How I would sum it up (and I will) is that various people I know can be found on various social media web hang-outs (Second Life, Myspace, Twitter).

Helge: I use Twitter but rarely MySpace and didn't have time to start with second life yet.

So the first benefit is if I regularly visit and update on these websites, my friends will know what’s going on with me. I like my friends, so this is a good thing. The other benefit is the whole “web-presence” aspect.

Helge: Web-presence...

I can increase my visibility to people who are web- and tech-savvy through regular posting of meaty content. It’s part of the whole “personal branding” challenge (notice use of buzz words - picked them up at PodCamp) of choosing a public face and spreading it around.

Helge: Personal branding, good point!

So, what do I have to offer? Once I’ve attracted people’s attention via the social media network, why should they stick around? My personal brand is that I’m eager to learn new things and develop as a person.

Helge: Learning by doing. Internet, the blogosphere and Social Media are great learning platforms and environments. Yes, I agree.

I see my work and myself as springing from the same source, and both help each other to grow. It doesn’t hurt that all these social media sites are also fun."

Helge: Fun.

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