söndag 4 november 2007

Blogabillies and Conversational Media

Blogabillies: "Meet the Blogabillies. Belle is written by Connie Reece, a conversational writer and social media consultant. She is the founder of Every Dot Connects and a co-founding member of Social Media Club. You won't usually find her wrapped in the feather boa; it makes her hot flashes worse. But her wardrobe does favor hues of hot pink. Belle says, 'Just 'cause they call it fashion don't mean they can pawn it off on me."

Helge: I know Connie Reece through Twitter, Facebook and Jaiku. I get her blog entries emailed to me. I blog about Connie for the second time. This time it's related to the conversational media. Connie is a true Twitterer and conversationalist. That's the future of global conversation. The information age isn't over yet, but the conversation is sneaking into the picture. I figure myself as a more quiet Finn but I'm learning by doing.

T-Bone is the alter ego of natural-born storyteller Terry Taylor, whose real job involves creating TV and radio campaigns for an ad agency. He also writes Big River's company blog, By the Campfire. Yeah, he's won awards and has worked ever'place from LA to New Yawrk City, but there's still a lot of small-town Alabama in him. In other words, you can dress T-Bone up, but you can't take him nowhere.

Helge: Mr. T-Bone is new to me but this is the way people on the globe get connected. We share information, Twitter, Jaiku and Facebook. A big part of my global friends are people I've never seen alive.

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