söndag 18 november 2007

Building Global Network of Citizen Journalists and Bloggers | Huliq

That's a goal. It might take some time. But we can manage it with a joint effort. The globe is getting smaller. It's true, we need to get down to the villages level to get NEW NEWS.

Building Global Network of Citizen Journalists and Bloggers | Huliq: "Building Global Network of Citizen Journalists and Bloggers Huliq, believing in the power of knowledge and sharing of information unveils a program to build a global network of volunteer journalists and bloggers who will report local news on any topic that is happening in a local setting.

Important events are always happening in small towns or tiny neighborhoods of big cities. However, how many times do we hear about them? Large media organizations may not be able to go to those corners and cover the news from those areas.

HULIQ.com wants to address this issue by inviting volunteer bloggers, journalists, students, teachers, professionals and active members of the public to take pride in building a citizen powered news network that will report news as it happens from their local corners.

Our goal is to have at least 150-200 active bloggers and news writers who would report long or short news stories regularly from their part of the world. We hope these writers and bloggers are evenly spread in the four corners of the world."

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