fredag 30 november 2007

Christmas 1985

We started to think about operations in Europe 1985. That's 22 years ago.

Finland joined the European Union 1992.

We moved to France in September 1989 and supported Finnish companies to launch their products and services in Central Europe.

Irja joined Oy HelgeKeitel AB the year 1987.

What has changed in 20 years? There are some signs about recession again.

Morgan Stanley, its reputation battered because of a $3.7 billion subprime trading loss, has become the latest Wall Street firm to force the retirement of a senior banking executive.

Citicorp announced this week that 45,000 employees has to go.

Merrill Lynch is also reporting problems.

There are reports about decreasing container traffic on the West Coast.

If American consumers are not spending and using their credit cards to the limits, this mean less work at the gadget and product factories in China and Asia.

Finally, it all depends on the consumer.

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