onsdag 7 november 2007

ECRM Guide

Helge: CRM and ECRM are interesting tools entering the small and medium size enterprises. SME's are part of global operations and they need new tools to manage their operations.

ECRM Guide: "Among the scrappy Web 2.0 startups taking part in Google's recent OpenSocial announcement, Salesforce.com kind of stood out. Salesforce.com already has a proprietary development language and platform, Apex, launched in January. It also has AppExchange, an easy and successful way for third-party developers to create and sell applications that run on top of Salesforce.com.

And then there is Visualforce. It uses HTML, AJAX and Flex programming languages to give customers with an Internet connection the ability to create and share their custom apps throughout their organizations, while enabling mashups with Skype, Google Maps and Google AdSense.

CEO Marc Benioff has said many times that the point of AppExchange was to increase the usage -- and usefulness of -- the Salesforce.com platform. So InternetNews.com asked Adam Gross, vice president of developer marketing for Salesforce.com, what place these run-anywhere widgets have in its developer ecosystem."

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