torsdag 1 november 2007

On the Runway - Fashion - Style - New York Times Blog

Helge: What could I write about style, fashion, design and craft? Marimekko, a Finnish design company announced a new owner yesterday. Tried to get fresh information about the new CEO, but their home page is down. Need to get back later.

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Helge: I continue to Google and find this... H&M is a Swedish company.

In addition to the products in our UK online store, the entire current Marimekko collection is also available to order. Click on the link to visit the global Marimekko website to view the entire collection. To place an order for any products not sold on this site please see the 'Contact Us' page. This site is for Marimekko UK. is owned and operated by Skandium Ltd

On the Runway - Fashion - Style - New York Times Blog: "It’s Halloween, so I figured this was a good moment to share a few thoughts on Roberto Cavalli’s new collection for H&M.

It goes on sale Nov. 8, but after seeing a preview in the H&M showroom, I think the company missed an opportunity by not pushing the deliveries up in time for trick or treat.

Yes, like Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld before him, Mr. Cavalli has boiled down his signature looks for the masses into what you could call the Cavalli DNA. Unfortunately, that would be leopard prints for women and pimp wear for men.

Seriously, do you want to own slinky black-on-black leopard print (though still sheer) boxer briefs, even if they’re designed by Roberto Cavalli?"

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