fredag 9 november 2007

Open Social Google

Just quick update to the Google Open Social Group members. This is quickly becoming one of the most amazingly resourceful groups on all of Facebook.
  • almost 1000 members
  • 1 new video about social networks. You will love this! Perfect to share with people that are trying to grasp social networks
  • 27 Posted items: Links to top tier resource articles that are relevant
  • 26 new wall posts
  • A growing discussion board with some smart thought leaders and a lot more.
I keep blowing away all the self promoting spammers so the group remains clean and a great resource. Thanks for all of the great contributions and sharing everyone. Now go invite the 10 smartest people you know to the group and we can make it even better.

Thanks again to everyone for participating!

Rodney Rumford
Founder: OpenSocial for Business Group.

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