fredag 16 november 2007

Social Media in Mikkeli

Social Learning Seminar in Mikkeli today and tomorrow. We can follow the event online and participate with voice and camera.

Learned about a parallel event wit enterprise focus...


Welcome to the Social Learning community. Ask a question in the Forums. Find a good video we can all learn from? Post it. Learn of any good resources? Write it in your profile's blog. Know of a conference we should all know about? Again, blog it.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Thank you Helge! The speed for things to sprean on net is amazing! :-)

- Ville V

Helge V. Keitel sa...

Yeah, It's a small world. This is the global village. It's been interesting to follow what you've been doing in Mikkeli. Have a great week-end.