söndag 11 november 2007

Stephanie Booth Blogging from Web 2.0 Berlin Expo

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Stephanie Booth lives in Lausanne, Switzerland with her cat Bagha.

blogging consultant, and is basically interested in anything that has to do with people and the internet {insert appropriate buzzwords: "social software", "participatory media", "web 2.0"...}.

Read all the exciting details about her life and Climb to the Stars.

I learned about Stephanie through vascellaris Jaiku, his blog and video report from Berlin.

Helge: We've a lot of young and enthusiastic people working with blogs, videoblogs, social media and web 2.0 applications. I'd like to see a new development that moves Web 2.0 to the every day life.

  • vascellari

    Thanks for the reference Helge!
    41 minutes ago by vascellari.

  • visualradioyou are welcome! I watched your video. It's a good idea to make the videos in live ambiances. Make them from you local cafeterias, pubs, schools, car dealers. I think Web 2.0 should embrace the common man. We have a new digital divide. We have a Jaiku-Twitter-Facebooking elite, but your local barber shop or K-Kauppa could benefit from your work. I try to get down to a people to people level in my blogs. It's not as easy as writing a manifest on Jaiku. But let's try. Have fun. You do a great work and you're motivated and enthusiastic.

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