fredag 21 december 2007

KK-Net Dreaming About a White Christmas

We think about you during Christmas in terms of bioenergy, biorefineries, craft and design, digital communication and storytelling, walking hand in hand to find innovations in health care, microbiology, food and water safety, hoping that this world learns to handle global warming, energy crisis, the housing loans melt down, large and small problems around the world.

Social networking and social media have been big Web 2.0 issues during year 2007. Mobility is a growing trend and we can be proud about our national icon Nokia, still going strong. Facebook, iPhone and the Google Jaiku marriage were interesting geek news 2007.

We hope to make small, big and break-through innovations with you during 2008, to make this world just a little bit better for all of us in the future. Some of the problems might be too big for all united, but we can make a contribution. Success comes through consistent effort.

Finland used to live from forestry and wood based industries. We think, this will continue, as we struggle into a new era through painful restructuring. Still, there is know-how and invention power in this tiny little, northern country.

As we all know, Father Christmas lives in Korvatunturi, with headquarters in Rovaniemi. Finland continues to be the global Saunaland, and increasingly one of the last cross-country resorts -- if the holy night and might decides to "let it snow, let it snow".

2007 has been a great year, we hope to see you back at work relaxed and over-eaten (at least tradition in Finland) at the beginning of next year. We start our journey in search for White Christmas tomorrow. Hopefully, we find snow at eight hours drive north of Loviisa, in Sotkamo, Finland.

Thanks to all for a very good year. KK-Net wishes all its national, European and Global friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This message goes from Loviisa and Sotkamo, embraces our friends in Scandinavia, Mexico, France, Bangladesh, China, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Canada, South, America, Africa, Asia, Russia, Japan and Australia.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008

Irja, Helge, Samuli, Annaleena, Olli, Macarena

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