fredag 11 januari 2008

MEDIABLITZ 2.0 Angela Penny

MEDIABLITZ 2.0: "7 Steps to Better PPT Presentations (via Veen).

Jeffrey Veen is an author ('The Art & Science of Web Design', 'HotWired Style') and a speaker who believes PPT presentations don't have to be bad to be good. He put together 7 steps to better presentations.

7 Steps to better presentations by Jeffrey Veen

The List:

(be sure to visit his page to get the full story behind each step)

  1. Tell stories: Summarize key findings in easy to digest ways
  2. Show pictures: Illustrate your metaphors with colorful, fun pictures.
  3. Don't apologize: Commisserating is okay.
  4. Start strong: Introduce yourself, thank audience for coming and tell them what you're going to talk about.
  5. End strong too: Wrap up 'and that's why I think social media is a powerful business tool', thank the audience for their attention.
  6. Stand away from the podium
  7. Pause after key points
Helge: I got this list from Agela Penny's blog Mediablitz 2.0

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