tisdag 19 februari 2008

Adviser or problem solver

In today’s sales arena it is not enough for a sales professional to merely assume that a prospect has a problem that is costing him or her time or money and that they will automatically embrace the sales person’s solution because it’s a solution to their problem.

Helge: Problem solving, hmm.

Many of us now sell in a sales arena that poses subtle but costly problems with complex and pricey solutions.

Helge: Complexity is a reality.

In order to effectively navigate this landscape the successful sales person converts into a trusted advisor.

Helge: I'd rather say that the dialog is even more important. We need to talk and find the solutions together.

A true trusted advisor assesses the degree to which the problem impacts the prospect. The true trusted advisor embarks on a journey with the prospect to determine all facets of the problem and the true extent of the negative impact that the prospect is suffering.

Helge: Yea, we need to travel together into new solutions scenarios.

The advisor determines the problem caused, the cost of the effect, and the cost of delaying implementation of a solution.

Helge: Analytics, yes.

If the negative ramifications caused by the problem are something that can simply be managed moving forward, why would your prospect invest in a solution?

Helge: First we need to find the solution.

When the prospect does not have a clear insight into the impact the problem has had in the past, is currently having in the present and will have in the future they will not invest in a solution.

Helge: We have to map out the problem first.

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