lördag 2 februari 2008

Happy with Basecamp

Happy with Honda? I use Basecamp in several projects as a open innovation and collaboration tool. I like it and it has been good and big enough for our projects. Knowledge management of distributed groups is the way we have to handle a number of projects.

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Basecamp Newsletter

January 22, 2008 | Published by 37signals.

Happy Tuesday! In this newsletter we've got a Basecamp upgrade coupon, a new feature announcement, a case study, and a special offer on our popular Highrise CRM Contact Manager product.

Save $10 when you upgrade —Coupon

If you'd like to upgrade your Basecamp account, here's a little something special: Log into your Basecamp account, click the Account tab, click the "Upgrade" link, and enter code BCNEWS to automatically save $10 on your next bill!

NEW: image-grid view —New Feature

Find out more about Image-Grid View
The image-grid view allows you to browse images (GIF, JPG, or PNG) uploaded to a project in a visual grid (3 across). The images are thumbnailed to 200x200 so they are big enough to browse but not too big that you can't see many of them at once.

GR-FX on Basecamp —Case Study

Read the GR-FX Case Study
Garry Robinson and his associates at GR-FX are experts at Microsoft Access and Office development and XML file processing. They're also Basecamp fans. Garry, who's written a book on Access and a number of big articles for MSDN, sent us an email detailing how his team uses Basecamp.

Basecamp Extras —Did you know?

Check out some Basecamp Extras
Did you know Basecamp integrates with a variety of third party online billing, accounting, and time tracking tools? There are even products that let you access your Basecamp projects on your mobile phone!

Highrise: ContactManager & Simple CRM from the people who bring you Basecamp —Special Offer

Check Out Highrise and Try it For Free
Keep track of communcations with leads, clients, vendors, journalists, etc. Set follow-ups to return a call, send a thank you note, etc. Share an address book across your company. Highrise is a simple CRM and contact manager for small business. Import your people directly from Basecamp! If you love Basecamp you'll love Highrise. Save $10 on your first month when you sign up using coupon code BCNEWSHR.

Thank you for your continued support,

The crew at Basecamp.

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