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Social Advertising Network, SocialMedia » Blog Archive » understanding-the-basics-of-social-advertising-on-socialmedia-networks: "Understanding “the Basics” of Social Advertising on SocialMedia Networks.

Helge: Social Media in advertising and marketing...

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working with SocialMedia on Developer Relations. Today, I sat down with SocialMedia Network’s resident analytics and SEO expert, Dennis Yu, to ask questions about Social Advertising on SocialMedia Networks from the perspective of a new advertiser/ developer:

Lisa: What is eCPM, eCPC, CPC, CTR, CPI, and other acronyms and why should I care?

Helge: Advertising and marketing?

Dennis: The short answer is– you shouldn’t. At the end of the day, what matters is cash and whether you are earning more or less money. These other metrics are for analytics so that we can diagnose potential issues with your traffic.

Helge: What?

Our ad server determines what the right mix of ad inventory will produce the most revenue for your traffic. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether 12 cents per click or 50 cents per thousand impressions will make you more money. Our system does that for you.

Helge: Hmmm!

For example, if your app has heavy page views per session, and therefore, a lower CTR (Click-Through Rate) on ads, then selling your inventory on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis might not be as good a..."

Helge: Ahaa...?

The Latest from TechCrunch

So Long, Nick. We’ll Miss You.

Posted: 01 Feb 2008 12:00 PM CST

The list of former TechCrunch writers who’ve gone off to greener pastures grows longer today. Yesterday was Nick Gonzalez’s last day at TechCrunch - today he starts a new job at the San Francisco startup Social Media.

Helge: I tryed to get a first impression about SM.

Nick started at TechCrunch in June 2006 and has worked along side of me, day and night, since then. For many months in early 2007 he was the only person other than me writing for the site. He was a perfect business partner, always steady emotionally as my temper flared at regular hosting outages, missed stories and pissed off readers. In addition to writing and general analysis, Nick also kept the site running and wrote any new code we needed. Basically, I worked him to death.

Helge: Technical.

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