måndag 4 februari 2008

What's Next Consulting | "future can be found in weak signals!"

What's Next Consulting | "future can be found in weak signals!": "Elina Hiltunen starts blogging in these pages...Sunday, Feb 3, 2008

Helge: I guess this is the second time I blog in The Wisdom of the Crowd about Elina Hiltunen. She has been consequent in her pursue of "weak signals".

Since my payed blogging days are over at Talous Sanomat I have decided to start blogging here, in What's Next Consulting's pages- and this time in English - or more precisely in Finglish (Finnish + English). In my last blog Heikot signaalit I discussed about weak signals (Heikot signaalit is weak signals in Finnish) i.e. strange things that I happen to spot from internet or from real life.

Helge: My own blogging is much less focused. I've a curious mind and blog about all things from e heaven to earth.

The first weak signals in this blog is a strange observation from highway Helsinki-Lahti. This spotting happened last friday, when an awful winter storm (snowing, heavy wind) happened to strike Finland. I stopped for a break and met a group of motorists! It appeared that this group included German tourists that were driving to Savonlinna (=many kilometers ahead of them) for a motorist meeting. I really have to ask them that did you know that in Finland even nowadays winters can be quite demanding for motorcyclists? They knew that and showed a row of stickers in their bike from winter motorists meeting in Finland from various years in the history. Well, maybe my first weak signal was not a 'real' weak signal, but at least it was something strange that a weak signal enthusiast has to report about.(Not every German tourist come to Finland with cosy coach..."

Helge: On this blog I try to spot talented and interesting people from all over the world. There are six billion stories and this is one of them. I'll never have the time to tell more than a fraction of all the interesting stories...

What's Next Consulting Oy is focused on issues like anticipating and innovating the future changes by using weak signals. Weak signals are signs of some new issues and they can tell us about changes in the future. See here some examples of weak signals spooted by Elina Hiltunen.

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