måndag 17 mars 2008

The Little Eastern in Porvoo

I start to tell about the elements of the
  1. Twenty companies participated
  2. Forty organizers
  3. This year 2 000 to 3 000 visitors
  4. The eastern creativity workshop for 200 kids
  5. Two witches guided people to the exhibition areas
  6. The internal guidance was very well organized
  7. The biggest "egg of the year"
  8. Classical music performed in the lunch restaurant on the second floor
  9. Lunch restaurant serving locally produced organic food
  10. Local food, bread, traditional Finnish juices, cakes, cookies, sweets, etc.
  11. Design, craft, rugs, lambskin products...
I'll continue the story later... My role was to...
  1. Blog
  2. Twitter
  3. Jaiku
  4. Microblog
  5. Produce podcasts (Finnish language)
  6. Pictures
Young Foundation launches a major new project looking at the future of London - 'the collaborative city'. Visitors, organizers, companies, financiers and sponsors agree that the "Little Eastern in Porvoo" should continue as a tradition.
  1. Started 2007
  2. Second time 2008
  3. People would like to have a 2nd annual happening (e.g. october every year)

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