onsdag 12 mars 2008

Live Blogging 2.0 - ReadWriteWeb

Live Blogging 2.0 - ReadWriteWeb: "If you're a blogger who is into covering live events, like keynotes, press conferences, meetings, or sports events, you may be interested in the new, free service from CoveritLive. In development since 2006 and emerging from beta in November of 2007, the CoveritLive platform gives you an easy way to blog events as they happen and it also provides tools to interact with your readers during the event you're covering.

Helge: I will be covering Pikku Pääsiäinen - The Little Eastern next Saturday in Porvoo, Finland. It's a local event with 20 entrepreneurs present.

As you use CoveritLive's software, your commentary streams live to your web page or blog. Readers viewing the commentary can ask questions and participate in polls you create, giving them a reason to stay online on your website for the duration of the event, instead of checking in every now and then. Readers viewing the live blog stream don't have to create user accounts to participate or download any software.

Helge: I've to test CoveritLive.

While blogging, you can also add pictures and videos in real-time, keeping the stream updated with interesting content. The text, images, and videos can be drag-and-dropped into the application's interface and linked with ease."

Helge: Hmmm.

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