lördag 1 mars 2008

Presidential Hopefuls Spending Little On Web Ads. Why? Social Networking.

Presidential Hopefuls Spending Little On Web Ads. Why? Social Networking.: "Whether we talk about the general, all-encompassing social emporiums of MySpace and Facebook or more specific cloud-based gathering grounds among the likes of My.BarackObama.com, we can all recognize collectively that modern social frameworks on the Web are remarkably efficient platforms and means with/by which messages can be relayed.

Helge: How much are they really using the Web?

And if we are to take into account the reality that many millions of Americans are connected in one way or another to online networks - if one should look at the growth of social networks over the last few years, one can see quite clearly that a very significant percentage of Internet users in the U.S. are connected to a social framework of some sort - it then must come as little surprise that advertisement spending by the present set of presidential campaigns has been, well, exeedingly small. Especially given the very momentous circumstances we find ourselves in."

Helge: Are SM people going to have an impact?

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