torsdag 13 mars 2008

Startsups are vulnerable

The odds are your startup will fail. It's like taking care of a new-born baby. Millions of things can go wrong.

Why fight it or how to fight it. Do your homework, write a business plan, study your market, leran about competition. Start-up with small costs. Try to maintain a positive cash-flow.

Learn to build your company with style. Don't take for granted that things will start to move "your way" from the day you hit the "online" button. All big businesses have started out from a tiny seed. All don't make the transition from small to large.

It's an even bigger challenge to make money and grow at the same time.

During the years I've learned to review some of the many challenges facing new startups and look at the reasons why the vast majority of big ideas never make it out of the garage.

I will address five things that sink or lift most startups and show you how to do it bigger and better than your competition, which is also going to implode.
  1. Is your business model bringing in money?
  2. Is your team able to handle growth?
  3. Do you have the financial means to survive and grow?
  4. Are you able to keep ahead of your competition?
  5. In your CRM the customer should be in the driving seat

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