söndag 9 mars 2008

SXSW 2008 Texas Austin USA

SXSW 2008: "I’m headed to SXSW Interactive Festival in a few hours, I’ve a red eye from Silicon Valley that’s going to give me time to sort through a few hundred emails, write a few blog posts, and pen the strawman for my upcoming report on OpenSocial: Challenges and Opportunities.

Helge: It would be nice to be closer to the events.

SXSW is a festival, not a conference. Its about parties, networking, conference then bbq, pretty much in that order (at least to me), what’s amazing is that most of the bay area tech scene picks up and transplants in artsy city of Austin, except for Dave Winer who said to me in twitter that it’s mostly for young folks (Ill be sure to find some “old” people and congratulate them for breaking the mold)."

Helge: Austin, Texas? Hmmm.

The joy of SXSW, people keep telling me, is meeting interesting people doing interesting things. So I'm going to talk to a good few of them in the next five days and find out what's making them hot under the collar.

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