torsdag 13 mars 2008

Tampere NeXT Time

Jörg and Alexi, I visited Tampere March 5, 2008. The schedule was loaded with appointments I didn't manage myself. Just had to follow the stream. Arrived at 0930 am and leaving for Helsinki for a meeting at TE-keskus at 0600 pm.

It was a good day. We covered some interesting aspects about future of paper and board making. As we all know, there is the aspect of money. Every project is a hard sell and it takes time to get to the "dreams come true" level.

We've been busy for a long time with things like using social media to sell products, services and innovations. I'm writing a book entry into Yritys 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 with the title VIRTUAALISET ORGANSIAATIOT 1970 - 2010. Kajaani Electronics will be one of the examples and I mention Jörg W. in the text a few times (listening to classical and motorola expert).

I try to explain that social media and socializing was before Web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, blogs, wiki, podcasts, Ning, YouTube, etc.

I still remeber the klatter-klatter of the telex with good, bad and ugly news from all over the world.

Decided to use my most personal blogs to communicate my message to you. I've become a great believer in open, social, innovation, interaction and dialog with my audience.

Is there a value in this virtualization of business operations? I would say yes. Small and big companies are still very reluctant in the use of open web applications. We'are all scared to death about IPR's, NDA's and Internet security.

Things are however changing. There is so much more we can do. It was my plan to be at Taloussanomat / Helsingin Sanomat in Helsinki, but had to continue working with a thing that isn't completed yet.

Doing things with deadlines is sometimes very boring. Decided to write to you and tell that I couldn't smash in a meeting, but I'm fine, we'll be traveling to Sotkamo next week and stay there a week or so.

I also wrote this today...There tons of new things we could discuss. Good evening to you and see you later!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Innovating over Internet

The Internet is becoming real now in a way it has never been before. You can take your talk, pictures, movies and text presentations to your customers in real time. Powerpoint presentations don't have to happen in a meeting room. A sales talk can be delivered for on-demand downloading. However, I would say that the real thing is to do things live from a distance.

The Web is becoming the main medium in which consumers engage to get information and to communicate. You can see this happening in advertising, you can see it happening in telecom, video with YouTube, with music, with newspapers and magazines.

"It is all shifting en masse, and all consumers are basically moving over to the Internet. We all talked about it in the 1990s, but it didn’t happen then. Those were just experiments. But now it is really happening," Tells Marc Andresseen to Spiegel February 22, 2008

Helge: It didn't happen then but we live in a new world with lots of opportunities for small and innovative companies wanting to make it big one day.

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