fredag 28 mars 2008

Web 2.0: Does Social Media Really Just Recreate High School? - Profy.Com

Web 2.0: Does Social Media Really Just Recreate High School? - Profy.Com: "And lastly, let's not forget about the blogs.

Much as 'The List' back in high schools where popular people made lists of popularity rankings, we finally have the list of the most valuable blogs, as determined by 24/7 Wall St., who stuck themselves on at the end, to make sure we knew that they were part of the cool crowd, too.

With a cobbled-together psuedo-formula based on Alexa ranking, assumed CPM, and estimated expenses, it makes no more sense than anything else, but hey, they listed the Gawker bunch at number one. I have yet to check Valleywag to see their take on it, but let's face it; ranking anyone above Perez Hilton is hilarious.

It's trashy, but I know way more non-tech folks who read Perez Hilton than all the tech blogs combined, and most of them have never heard of a single Gawker blog. Perez Hilton has gone beyond the blog to a brand that includes party hosting, television specials on VH1, and the ear of the music industry.

Whatever gets promoted on that blog ends up being downloaded, viewed, worn, or talked about more than any other blog anywhere, bar none. Most people won't admit to reading it in tech circles, but I'm willing to bet almost everyone knows who he is. And while Gawker claims a huge number of uniques, how many of them are just the same."

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