lördag 19 april 2008

Bill Covert.com | The Covert Matrix Marketing System©

Bill Covert.com | The Covert Matrix Marketing System©: "Strategic Mindset Technology™ 'How A Little-Known Secret Marketing System Transformed A $786,000 Business Into A $3.8 Million Behemoth In Just Two Years...'

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Are you ready to Create Results By Design and become a Magnet for Profits? Are you ready to stop trying every new marketing tactic that comes along, only to realize it doesn't work? The ONLY way to build your business is to have a 'Rock-Solid' Foundation on which to build. You have now found that system right here. It's time to stop fighting symptoms, and (once & for all) start dealing with the root cause of business success - your business foundation.

Running a Business of any size can certainly be the most rewarding endeavor you ever undertake. You create opportunities that add great value to each one of your clients and therefore you earn a handsome profit in return. That’s what business is all about – creating Value and generating profit. Add: Value, Value, Value!"

Helge: I was about to loose faith in Facebook but suddenly something happened. I started to look at FB as Social Media that provides windows of opportunities. It's up to me to understand what they mean and try to grab a piece of what is made available.
  1. Create opportunities
  2. Become a magnet of profit
  3. Add value, value, value
  4. The rock solid foundation on which to build (biblical)

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