onsdag 2 april 2008

Digital Storytelling 2004 and 2008

I wrote about Digital Storytelling August 16, 2004

16. elokuuta 2004

Digital Storytelling.

Name: James West, Journalist, Location: North West, United Kingdom.

Digital Storytelling started at the Centre for Digital Storytelling in the US.

The picture is from an event combining locally produced food and tourism to the City of Porvoo.

The idea is that there's a vast archive of interesting photos and artifacts in homes around the world, and by getting people to tell stories about themselves and post them online we can tap into this archive, and give Joe Public a chance to have some control over the media for a change.

"The BBC has gone for this in quite a big way," I wrote several years ago. What has happened since? Nobody speaks about Digital Storytelling as such anymore. People are just doing it. We've blogs, wikis, Ning, Facebook, YouTube, Microblogs, Microchannels. Millions of stories are told every single day.

Digital Storytelling? Everyone has a story to tell. Technology now allows anyone to tell it in their own way. This is more than true. We spoke today (London, Heathrow airport and Loviisa, Finland about an on-demand medical training and knowledge transfer model to support Mediracer user education. This can be made a reality today.

Digital stories are short films made by people like you using computers and personal photographs.

BBC is broadcasting a part of the stories for viewing on the big screens. I wante to apply the idea to a road information and large screen displays at service stations along the road VT 6 from Helsinki to Kajaani.

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