tisdag 22 april 2008

The Knowledge Society

Increasingly we are living in a knowledge society, in which connectivity allows us access to all kinds of information. The Internet has caused an explosion of access to information on a global level.
  1. Access to information is important
  2. Education has been one of the primary drivers of economic growth, peace and prosperity
  3. We need the tools and networks to be able to access
  4. Connecting people is just the initial step
  5. Innovation happens when people co-operate, share and collaborate
  6. We are collectively creating new ways of working within and beyond the classroom
  7. Teaching and learning need to be shaped in a different way
  8. How to think critically and solve problems
  9. How to locate relevant information and judge the credibility of the information
  10. Connected schools and enterprises create the possibilities for changing pedagogy and provide new opportunities to improve the learning experience

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