söndag 13 april 2008

Kommentti | Communication acrobatics

Kommentti | Communication acrobatics: "It has been claimed that today's 'individualistic citizen' no longer uses news media for gaining information on political matters. So what? Reading or watching news is not the only way for young citizens to engage with public sphere anymore: digital youth culture has created new public spaces for the young to act. A young girl in her bedroom for instance can create a national or even global media by introducing second hand clothing and style in her blog."

Helge: Let's take a look at this. "Communication acrobatics blog discusses youth and their digital lifestyle. The blog is based on survey data collected from Japan, South Korea and Finland in 2005-2007. A group of researchers from these countries are writing articles on youngsters and their digital lifestyle from different viewpoints. This blog introduces some of the material as well as drafts and background material of the articles. Full length articles will be published in a book format in English and in Finnish in 2009-2010."

We are interested in civic media participation, which we assume integrates cultural and political modes of participation. In the analysis we are going to compare the aspects of the ways of using the net and other media to political interests of the young respondents, aged 15-19. In our earlier study, we have suggested four types of civic identities of young people in relation to media, in the Finnish context. These types have been approached as two-dimensional including civic self-image (seeing oneself as a citizen) and mediated civic connectedness (connection to public issues via media). The types are named as seekers, communicators, communalists and activists.

Helge: I read their profile information... "Communication acrobatics blog is situated in Kommentti.fi. Kommentti.fi (Comment in Finnish) is an online channel for youth research. It comments scientific, political and media related topics from different viewpoints in various blogs. Kommentti speaks up new research findings and youth politics as well as transforms research data into hands-on and down to earth discussion. Comments are given in many ways, in forms of columns, statistics, blogs and free discussion."

Now we want to develop forward, more detailed these characteristics - and look whether these are valid at all in this international setting. Sirkku Kotilainen and Leena Rantala"

Helge: I start to follow this on Jaiku Tutkimusparvi.

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