söndag 20 april 2008

Neville Hobson and Disruptive Media in Stockholm

NevilleHobson.com: "One of my reflections on Disruptive Media, the conference in Stockholm last week in which I participated, is that being part of an event where everyone speaks a language that you don’t can present a few challenges."

Helge: I listened to Mr. Hobson through Bombaster...Have to check if the name is right.

Luckily, this is Sweden I’m talking about where, just as in the Netherlands, people go out of their way to help the hapless foreign visitor feel at home no matter any language gap, perceived or otherwise.

Helge: The presentations are quite visual, right.

And this was a rather geeky event, too, where the broad subject matter - social media, communication, the web, mobile and more - meant that much of the presentations and conversations used words and phrases that are easy to grasp. Combined with great visual aids, it wasn’t too hard to get an overall gist of things.

Thanks also to friends like Hans Kullin and my Twitter buddy Sin Trenton who were generous with their time and attention in helping me keep largely up to speed.

Helge: I need to get connected to Neville Hobson through Twitter. He mentioned that Jaiku didn't develop since Google acquired it. Still, Jaiku has many benefits over Twitter. Jaiku is more conversational.

The April 16 conference, organized by Annika Lidne and Björn Falkevik, attracted well over 100 people from PR and the media with PR folk in a slight majority."

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