måndag 28 april 2008

Virtual Organization Management

Virtual Organization Management accelerates the evolution of the web based services to improve customer experiences, speed up knowledge transfer when working with complex sales.
  1. Key ingredients to success
  2. Great people attract great people
  3. We work more and more with people we never met face to face
  4. Building successful learning, innovative and collaborating communities
We're currently in the midst of a disruptive transition that only a few are quite sure how to deal with.
  1. Opportunities using Social Media
  2. New ways of learning and knowledge transfer
  3. Video, webcasting, podcasting and narrowcasting to reach people around the globe
  4. Huge improvements in interactive communication
  5. Video meetings and seminars will be as natural as emailing and blogging today
Traditional retailing is going to change. We're already seeing signs of the evolution. Shopping centers will radically be transformed into entertainment centers. Ideapark is a national example.
  1. We challenge people to think in a different way
  2. People can get together in exciting new ways
  3. Events can be organized on a global scale
  4. There is a lot of excitement going on
These are exciting times.
  1. Getting in contact with the right people
  2. Getting people involved and transmitting enthusiasm
  3. Storming and forming groups that are working together
  4. We work increasingly with people we didn't know about before
Challenges to stay focused.
  1. Being consistent with the message
  2. A good, strong and consistent message
  3. Finding the common nominator for the community
  4. Most of success is communication, communication and communication
The mission vision.
  1. Investment in knowledge
  2. Global community
  3. Sharing and collaborating
True profit.
  1. Bring value to your clients
  2. People who are extremely friendly
  3. Communities that have a common goal
  4. The community helps itself to grow in an organic way
  5. We don't always need to turn to an expert but to the person next to you
  1. What we expect in service situations?
  2. Bring suggestions how to make the service better
  3. Taking advantage of the crowd sourcing in networking events
The customer experience.
  1. Something new and different
  2. What is the funniest thing that has happened in your business
  3. Customers want to talk and communicate with persons and not enterprise entities
  4. Don't ever be counting anybody out, listen, get in touch with people, be receptive
What kind of people are we searching for?
  1. Outgoing
  2. Interested in sharing
  3. We are building new structures
  4. People to people energetic people who want to be successful
  5. Building a huge success in the community and across the world
Opening a bank account.
  1. Putting money in
  2. Taking money out
Get another view on something.
  1. What is going to be my next career thing?

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