onsdag 7 maj 2008

Commericialzation of Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics USA 2006: The impact on society will be immense, from disposable to high performance products and applications previously impossible, over $5 billion in sales 2010 and exponential growth thereafter.
  • We're dealing with change
  • We need to be on top of the events of today
  • New products
  • New processes
Thin film solar cells will be on watches by year end 2006 and vast areas of printed flexible photovoltaics will be available shortly.
  • Future profits
  • Discovering the big picture
  • How these new innovations are delivered to clients
Light emitting moving color displays, "wallpaper" lightning for vehicles and rooms, the electronic book and many forms of flexible electronics including printed sensors and batteries are being launched.
  • Future Nokia phones will be flexible and wearable
Printed electronics and electrics are emerging as many new products combine both functions.
  • Improved human interface for high volume products to RFID replacing ten trillion barcodes yesterday
  • Market needs, impediments, opportunities and sizes
  • How money is made today from printed electronics
  • Role models of success and lessons of failure (which companies to watch?)
RFID is rapidly taking off for a wide range of applications, with 1,3 billion tags being shipped in 2006 rising to over 500 billion tags in 2016. The endgame is the tagging of small items but that calls for ultra low cost tag, about the same price as a barcode today. Printed RFID is one of the most promising technologies to achieve this.
  1. The 50 plus companies which are developing printed thin film transistor circuits which can mimic the silicon chip and used as an RFID tag
  2. Which are the most suitable applications for printed electronics initially?
Arjo Wiggins R&D about augmented paper
  • Why paper persists despite the advent of Printed Electronics and Smart Media
  • How we can make paper even more irresistible
  • Managing the paper and digital realms
  • Embedded RFID in mobile phone
This blog posting relates to cleaning my office and throwing away old brochures and newsletters. I blog about the most interesting old stuff that happened a few years ago. Printed electronics, RFID and paper innovations are still things I focus on in my daily life.

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