onsdag 14 maj 2008

The evolution of my channels

Moving over to Beta

I wrote this November 1, 2006. Wanted to look back, how things change over the years.

I'm in the process of transforming all my blogger blogs to beta, which is a great advantage while I can manage them all without the need to do multiple logins.

I think this will give me the opportunity to have a better control over the content on the individual blogs.

The basic idea is to have different focuses in different blogs. I've been improving. The channel strategy isn't completed but there has been progress.

  1. Visualradio - Mobile Technology, Big Screens, Signage and Internet
  2. Digital Villages - Information technology and EU cooperation (before IST Helsinki 2006)
  3. Cuvia - Visual things, visual assets and contents management (now in Finnish)
  4. Smart Roads - Road Information Systems (this has changed to biotechnology today)
  5. KK-Net - Innovation and Technology, Business Management, Global Operations
  6. Valtatie FIN Road Information (discontinued and replaced by "energiatehokkuus")
  7. Tietotie FIN I guess somehow related to Travel and Research
  8. Nylands - I'm not yet sure. It could be bioenergy and process management
  9. Niemi Product - is quite clear (evolution but 3 languages is confusing)
  10. CraftDesign - The Frö collection (evolution but 3 languages as well)
  11. Tahti - Tähtitaajamat is a pretty localized activity in Finnish (building)
KK-Net will be about Business Planning, New Ventures Financing and things related to "How to get your products to the global faster and with highest cost-efficiency".

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