lördag 17 maj 2008

Gare de L'Est

We started our ten years project in France from Gare de l'Est 1989. I'm thinking about the next step.

The Gare de l'Est ("East station" in English) is one of the six large SNCF termini in Paris.

It is in the Xe arrondissement, not far from the Gare du Nord, facing the boulevard de Strasbourg, part of the north-south axis of Paris created by Baron Haussmann.

It is one of the largest and the oldest railway stations in Paris.

The Gare de l'Est was opened in 1849 by the Compagnie du Chemin de Fer de Paris à Strasbourg (the Paris-Strasbourg Railway Company) under the name "Strasbourg platform." This platform corresponds today with the hall for main-line trains, and was designed by the architect François Duquesney. It was renamed the "Gare de l'Est" in 1854, after the expansion of service to Mulhouse.

Renovations to the station followed in 1885 and 1900. In 1931 it was doubled in size, with the new part of the station built symmetrically with the old part. This transformation changed the surrounding neighborhood significantly.

Source: Wikipedia.

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