fredag 16 maj 2008

Search Engine Optimization is Dead? - MIMA Blog

I got the information about MIMA through Connie Reece on Twitter. Search is what I do when there is a specific thing I like to know. Twitter, Jaiku, and to a certain extent also Facebook are bringing me "fresh news about things I didn't think about".

The MIMA Blog teaches about Search Engine optimization. The opening statement was: Search Engine optimization is dead!

Interactive Marketing - MIMA Blog: "However, I’d like to address the people who say keywords are dead or are a waste of time in search engine optimization, especially with Google. To them I say two things:

1) Any way you want to slice it, Google and all the other search engines really only have one criteria they can use to determine if a website deserves the attention of their clients: words. Yes, they look at incoming links for votes of confidence because, to a certain extent, it is a popularity contest. But in the final analysis of whether a site gives their searchers what they are looking for, it still comes down to the words in the title, description, and the page copy. If this weren’t true, no amount of tweaking of meta tags and copy would affect placement. And my successful work with client’s websites contradicts that.

2) Adwords. Adwords is probably one of the best analysis tools out there to figure out what your keywords should be. Adwords ads are short, tasty and to the point (at least the good ones are). Even the change of a single word can have a huge effect on results. That same power can be used to create an incremental effect on your website placement. Because SEO is about incremental improvements, not a “big bang”.

Lastly, if you analyze the copy of the top placing websites for your client’s keyword phrases, it gets pretty obvious pretty quick, that there really is a relationship between copy, keywords, and search engine placement. And the competitive analysis and resulting recommendations are what my clients are paying for. Search engine optimization is not dead. Nor is it the “be all, end all” of online marketing. It is just a potent tool that should be the springboard for all other online marketing approaches."

No, it isn't over yet. SE optimization isn't dead. "It still comes down to the words in the title, description, and the page copy."

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