söndag 15 juni 2008

Working with new things: social capital

The most common excuse I hear about business blogging is that entrepreneurs and CEO's don't have the time to do it.

The second most common is that they don't like to write.

How about you? Have you established a regular blogging routine? If not, what are your excuses? Are they valid?

The relationship of business communication to financial success is strong.

Many may find financial success without social media or blogging but things will change in the future.

What does Ivan Misner write about social capital?

Most entrepreneurs know the meaning of financial capital, but many may not have a clear idea of social capital.

Social capital is accumulated by an individual or a business and is used, or is available for use, in the production of wealth.

Social capital is about the accumulation of resources developed through personal and professional networks. We accumulate social capital through networking.

These resources include:
  1. ideas,
  2. knowledge,
  3. information,
  4. opportunities,
  5. contacts and,
  6. of course, referrals.
Just what do we need to keep in mind when thinking about building our social capital? We learn by talking and interacting with people.

According to Wayne Baker, “Success is social; all the ingredients of success that we customarily think of as individual-talent, intelligence, education, effort and luck-are intertwined with networks.”

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