tisdag 22 juli 2008

Truemanity - Co-Creating Our Best Present

Truemanity - Co-Creating Our Best Present: "Truemanity is a social business network Promoting self growth supporting Social and ecological projects worldwide."

I became familiar with Truemanity through "Your Inner CEO Community" and Ziona Etzion's Page. Decided to blog about the page to remind myself to take a closer look at what Truemanity is all about.

The homepage is explaining:

The Idea

Truemanity is a world-wide social network dedicated to the creation of a common global language of awareness, which allows people around the globe to funnel their shared energies into the creation of a better world for each and every individual.

As we like to describe it:

"Co-Creating Our Best Present"

The heart of our platform is a unique concept of social network, self development content, donation center and a business arena – all together in the same place, for everyone, everywhere.

We connect our members with spiritual and economic abundance, while supporting social and ecological projects worldwide.

  • The time has come for us all to grow, give, share and receive.
  • Get involved in the creation of this wonderful vision.
  • Be a part of the energy that will cause the growth of Truemanity global community.
  • Help us make this world a better place for life's sake!

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