söndag 24 augusti 2008

“Network Marketing” What it really is all About… : Barbie Figueroa: 305-245-2861

“Network Marketing” What it really is all About… : Barbie Figueroa: 305-245-2861: "President Kennedy stated in a public address - “Don’t ask what the country can do for you but ask what can you do for your country”.

Well for Team prosperity I envision a community where we are one big mastermind community that can benefit each member from whatever level they happen to be starting from and accelerate their learning curve to the point that they are operating at their own peak performance level.

Daegan Smith has given us all a chance of a lifetime to soar to our highest potential in the world of internet marketing with a roadmap across a mine field full of boobi-traps. My question for each of us is why not make Team Prosperity the community that puts all of its members on the fast track to becoming Success University top achievers. It would be a great story to tell. Who knows, we might be able to get Matt Morris to drop by our “neighborhood”. The great news is because of the leaders we have in Tracey, Barbie and Daegan, there is not much for us to do but apply it."

Helge: About community!

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