lördag 27 september 2008

Electoral-vote.com: President, Senate, House Updated Daily

I'm curious about the presidential election in USA. It's a game between the "old and experienced" and the "new man promising change". Who is going to win? The first debate ended with Obama winning a few points if I've been reading the reports right. Monday will tell what happens to the toxic loans. Will there be "garbage bank" handling the sub-prime problems? If not, what will happen in the global economy on a short term basis? How close to a meltdown is the economical system?

Electoral-vote.com: President, Senate, House Updated Daily: "Debate Rundown. When John McCain suddenly suspended his campaign this week and flew to Washington to broker a deal to keep Wall St. afloat, he said he would not debate Barack Obama unless there was a bill to solve the credit crisis. There is still no bill but McCain ate his words, flew to Mississippi, and debated Barack Obama at the University of Mississippi anyway last night. Probably every newspaper in the country has a story on it. The Washington Post has particularly good page on it, with the full debate video, the full transcript, and a video analysis by Chris Cillizza.

This debate was largely about foreign policy, McCain's strong suit. In that respect, the expectation was that McCain would do well since he has far more foreign policy experience than Obama. On the other hand, to 'win' the debate, all Obama had to do was show that he is McCain's equal. Since most of the country favors the Democrats on the economy, health care, and domestic policy generally, if Obama can create the mindset of 'on foreign affairs the two men are roughly equal and on domestic affairs Obama is better,' he wins.

Political Wire has collected comments from pundits of various stripes. On the whole, they feel that neither candidate made any major gaffe and neither one landed a knockout blow. McCain claimed that Obama was wrong about the..."

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