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FriendFeed - What it is and who uses it?

I was listed here. Learned about it from Friendfeed.

FriendFeed Robert Scoble posted a message

“One good thing about doing lists of FriendFeeders ... I'm learning all about who I'm missing! The list is getting better and better by the minute and so is my feed. Thank you and sorry to those cool people I left off originally.”

17 hours ago

I should be on it. I invented sitting on my arse watching TV. I was the first person to do that. - john conroy
I listed some Finnish users of FF: http://autiomaa.org/2008/webde... - Daniel Schildt

FriendFeed - What it is and who uses it?: "FriendFeed - What it is and who uses it?
Description of service

One of the services I find myself using daily is FriendFeed. It's one of favorites because of it features and simple look of it's services. FriendFeed works as mix of content aggregator and forum software allowing conversation take place on almost type of data. Combination of selective data mining based of user's connections to other people (contacts/friends), it allows different types of uses from life feed (list of things someone does) to topic specific forums (or 'rooms' as they are called in the service). There is also possibility to mix wide amount of information available via API to create new views and services based of things already there.

Users of FriendFeed

As for myself, I have been using FriendFeed for just several months but service itself is little bit over year old. There are some Finnish users but main point in English conversations. Also, I surpricingly have found quite amount of users from Iran (probably using Arabic or other languages).

Below is table of several users listed country by country..."

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