måndag 27 oktober 2008

FiFacT.com the publishing program

..::FiFacT.com::..: "The Publishing Community . FiFacT -programme to network in the publishing industry.

FiFacT is a development and marketing program for non-fiction publishers and operators who are working with educational materials to enter their publications or products for new markets. The program started in September 2007 with five companies.The idea is to look for new opportunities for non-fiction publishing and create new concepts for education and information platforms.

Today the FiFacT –programme co-operates with more than 30 companies in the European publishing industry. This community is created especially to help the professionals to network, find interesting content and new tools to run the business.

If you are looking for new opportunities in Scandinavia, United Kingdom or India you have reached the first step to build new business."

Helge: I wanted to make a note about the publishing program for my own needs.

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