söndag 12 oktober 2008

Henly Shelton OC3 Technology, Inc.

I see that Henly Shelton is working from Dallas, Texas. When I continue reading, it becomes clear that the Henly Shelton I planned to profile still lives in Atlanta, Georgia and looking for:

  • career opportunities
  • consulting offers
  • new ventures
  • expertise requests
  • reference requests
  • getting back in touch
The other Henly Shelton is CEO at OC3 Technology. I make a note about that as well.

OC3 Technology, Inc.: "OC3 Technology is committed to assisting small to medium sized enterprises with identifying and successfully implementing best of breed software, systems and business processes.

Small to Medium sized businesses face unique challenges in their efforts to grow. The foremost of which is minimal resources in the form of time, people and infrastructure. Heavy lifting for most growing businesses.

OC3's mission is to find ways to use our collective knowledge and experience in business process and information systems to act as a lever for it's clients."

10455 N. Central Expressway
Suite 109
Dallas, Texas 75231

Henry Shelton’s Interests:

Organizational development, strategic planning, political consultant, professional networking, international affairs, scuba diving, weightlifting, martial arts, writing poetry, screenplay development, independent film, fiction and non-fiction writing, inspirational training and speaking, mentoring.

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