fredag 31 oktober 2008

N. Korea's Kim fails to attend funeral - North Korea-

We've no idea what happens on that side of the social media barrier. Its not easy to move towards a transparent society. I write this to make a note that some Enterprises are still living in the NK time frame.

N. Korea's Kim fails to attend funeral - North Korea- "SEOUL, South Korea - North Korean leader Kim Jong Il did not join top officials attending the funeral of a high-ranking party member, South Korean officials said Friday.

Kim's failure to attend the funeral of Pak Song Chol, a close aide to his late father, Kim Il Sung, comes amid speculation about his health. South Korean and U.S. officials say Kim Jong Il, 66, suffered a stroke, reportedly in mid-August, and is still recovering. North Korea denies the leader is ill."

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ConnectIrmeli sa...

Thanks for these Korea related posts. "The social media barrier" you mention is a truly interesting term. It immediately makes me think that does it actually not exist - up to a certain, varying level or volume - in all social networking?! -Becoming visible in one's ability to manage one's own networks - to find a sense-making balance within the overwhelming amount of possibilities to make choices..

I just left you a comment in KK-Net and then realized it was deleted when I left the network. That's not due having been unsatisfied with the content - just part of my current managing my networks ;) I'll return to read the site occasionally. It even now lead me to a number of links making my thinking expand.. See you online :)

Helge V. Keitel sa...

Thanks for your comment. I follow world events and blog about them occasionally.

Helge V. Keitel sa...

The social barrier is very concrete and probably life threatening in North Korea.

But we do have a set of our own in Finland and other countries.

The "writing block" is probably easier to overcome when it has been determined, but think about the millions who never think about it.

There are lots of people thinking that there is no point in blogging, participating, or even participating in voting.

I guess that folks in North Korea would value a lot the freedom and the opportunities our free society enables.

But do WE understand the value?